Stop macho culture is a project to increase diversity and equality in Sweden’s construction industry. Our goal is an industry where everyone is equally welcome, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnic background, or disability.


Stop macho culture started as a nationwide media campaign in 2015. It was triggered by the threat of labor shortage in construction, which was a probable consequence of macho culture. 99% of the workers were male, while less than 10% of the managers were female. The campaign questioned bad jargon, social norms, and excluding behavior. Through subway advertising, social media videos, debate articles, workshops and more, it had a strong impact on the industry.


Stop macho culture is run as a project without a time limit. At the Swedish part of this website, we are continually adding new tools, tips and advice for people who want to make a change. It’s a platform in the common struggle for a fair and equal industry.


The industry is changing. Although we still have problems with gender inequality, heteronormativity, and weak diversity, positive things are happening – partly thanks to the Stop macho culture project. The industry constantly sees new initiatives for increased equality and diversity. All of the major companies are actively working on these matters. We will continue to spread the message until our industry is a place where everyone shares the same opportunities.


Byggnads is the union of workers in Sweden’s construction industry. Byggcheferna is the Swedish association of construction managers. We represent a total of 120 000 people. Since 2015, we are working together to increase diversity, equality and inclusivity in our industry.